Thursday, January 3, 2013

Does Congress Hate Women That Much


Does Congress hate women THAT much?

You’d think that the Violence Against Women Act was a no-brainer. Right? Forget it. For the 1st time since 1994, the Violence Against Women Act doesn’t exist. Eric Cantor killed the bill, despite a late-stage intervention by Vice-President Joe Biden. Rep. Cantor and his Cronies literally blocked the re-authorization of the bill because the updated bill expands access to help groups that they were not in favor of helping….immigrants, the LGBT community, and Native Americans. So, they decided that they’d rather let the law expire, rather than protect those who need the resources. Makes sense?
It’s hard to believe that some members of our Congress actually want to prioritize who gets help and who doesn’t, especially when it comes to rape and domestic violence. But, these are the same guys that recently blocked funding for the disabled. So, what am I thinking?
This week we have the new 113th Congress. They are actually the most diverse Congress in our nation’s history. I hope that they do better than the 112th. Senator Patty Murray, who championed the Violence Against Women Act in the Senate plans to reintroduce the legislation. Hopefully, the new Congress will begin to see the issues of Domestic Violence and the diversity of our nation a little differently.

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