Friday, January 25, 2013

A Tree Is Only As Strong As Its Roots- Its Tu B'Shevat

Tu b'Shevat, the New Year of the Trees, is this weekend. It's when the earliest blooming trees in Israel wake up and begin a new cycle of bearing fruit. The roots are ready to do their job, to hold the tree in place, and draw their strength from the soil, so it can blossom. A tree is only as strong as its roots. Without trees we would never survive. It's no wonder that we have a holiday that celebrates trees! And I guess, then, it's no surprise, that the Torah is referred to as the Tree of Life. "It is a tree of life to those that hold fast to it, and all of its supporters are happy." (Proverbs 3:18). In a way, the Torah sustains us too...with spiritual support, and strong roots.

Plant a tree for Tu b'Shevat

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