Monday, December 3, 2012

What's A Dreamer To Do? - Parashat Vayeshev

“Way, way back many centuries ago,
Not long after the Bible began
Jacob lived in the land of Canaan,
A fine example of a family man.
Jacob, Jacob and sons,
Depended on farming to earn their keep.
Jacob, Jacob and sons,
Spent all of his days in the fields with sheep”

I loved the show “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat”. I saw it with the one and only Donny Osmond. It’s the story of the relationship between Jacob and his favorite son, Joseph. That bond was so special, so intense,  that he made him this amazing, technicolor dream coat of incredible colors. Joseph might have been looking mighty fine, and strutting his stuff, but his brothers were getting angrier by the minute. Perhaps it was the fact that Joseph continuously spied on them, or maybe it was the fact that Joseph was interpreting their dreams and said things like he would be ruling over them someday. That would make me pretty upset.
So, what was a dreamer like Joseph supposed to do?
The Talmud advises, that “one who sees a dream from which his soul is distraught should go and have it interpreted before three”.  Take your disturbing dream and “out” it by bringing it into the open. In other words, tell it to your “Dream Team”!  Once they say to you “It is good, and let it be good, may God make it good, then, you are all set and good to go. Sounds like “creative dream writing” to me. Apparently, the Dream Team doesn’t tell you what your dream means. What they’re doing is manipulating the ending and making sure that it has a nice, gentle outcome. So, maybe dreams do give us an chance to shape the outcome of our reality into real live wake-up calls and happier endings. And perhaps next time you say “sweet and pleasant dreams”…. You’ll put a little more technicolor into it.

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