Sunday, September 23, 2012

We're In This Together

The Ten Days of Repentance…. We’ve been reflecting on the mistakes we may have made during the past year and promise to do better in the year to come.
It's really quite an idea: taking ten whole days each year to acknowledge our own wrong-doing and shortcomings, rather than focusing on the faults of others. We say the prayers as a community…”We have done this” “We have done that”.  We’re all tied together, like it or not. What each one does affects the other. Maybe the Rabbis of ancient days were onto something. Can you imagine if everyone in this country started to feel a shared responsibility. Wow… not focusing on each other’s faults! Whether we realize it or not, we do have a shared responsibility. Everything that we do affects the next person. We vote. We pay taxes. We choose not to vote. It does make a difference.

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