Saturday, August 25, 2012

Women's Equality Day

Just about when the Republican National Convention is about to begin, and Hurricane Isaac is about to hit the coast of Florida, on August 26th, the Women of America will commemorate Women’s Equality Day.  We’re celebrating quite a victory….the right to vote! But, I wish that I could say that the struggle and fight for full equality was behind us. But, it’s not.
The Equal Pay Act was a huge step forward, making it against the law for women to be discriminated against in the workplace—but it is not enough. Women are still being paid less than men for the same job.
The Violence Against Women Act was grudgingly passed with restrictions.
The new bill removed protections to Native Americans, lesbian, gay, and transgender Americans and illegal immigrants. Unbelievable!
It’s frightening to think just how much some people would like to take away a woman’s right to make a choice about their own bodies, that they have actually waged a War on Women.
And then, this week, of course, Todd Akin’s debacle on Rape. 
We need to reflect on the progress we’ve made and the challenges we still face.
A lot has changed in the last century. We’ve won the right to vote and more and more women are running for public office.
Women’s Equality Day is about celebrating the Right to Vote. Let’s make sure that everyone uses their vote this year, because this election will affect Women for generations to come.

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