Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tisha B'Av and the Munich 11

Tisha B'Av is probably one of the most least known observances on the Jewish calendar, but yet, still one of great historical importance.  The Holy Temples in Jerusalem were said to have been destroyed on this date. And then, there were other tragic events that were connected to this date as well, including the Jews being expelled from Spain. Tisha B'Av is considered to be a day of communal mourning and commemoration which includes the recitation of the Book of Lamentations.

This year, coincidentally, Tisha B'Av not only marks these tragic events, but also the opening of the London Olympics and the 40th Anniversary of the Munich Massacre.
On this day of mourning and fasting, we will also remember the tragedy of the 1972 Summer Olympics when 11 Israeli athletes and their coaches were brutally murdered.

I am baffled why the International Olympic Committee continuously rejects multiple requests for a Moment of Silence at the opening ceremony in memory of those killed.
I know that many people around the world that will be watching the Opening Ceremony, will be waiting to see the Israeli Flag, and they will be giving their own moment of silence for the Munich 11.

We remember....

Moshe Weinberg, Wrestling Coach
Yossef Romano, Weightlifter
Ze'ev Friedman, Weightlifter
David Berger, Weightlifter
Yaakov Springer, Weightlifer
Eliezer Halfin, Wrestler
Mark Slavin, Wrestler
Kehat Shor, Shooting Coach
Andre Spitzer, Shooting Coach
Amitzur Shapira, Shooting Coach

It must never happen again.

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  1. IOC #JacqueRogge said, ''Character counts far more than medals''Then ignored the Munich 11