Sunday, June 3, 2012

When You Rise Up

Parashat Beha’alotecha is a special one for me to read every Spring, as I get ready to travel upstate for the summer. It gives the feeling of "setting forth" as we continue to move through the wilderness…of going on a journey.
As you can see from the title of my blog, I’m very much about journeys.
 Our journeys are in some sense always just beginning. The name "Beha’alotecha" refers to the "lighting" of the Menorah. The Torah portion begins with the command to Aaron, the High Priest, to light the seven-candle Candelabra in the Tabernacle.

 The word “Beha’alotecha” literally means “when you cause to rise”, and Aaron’s lighting of the lights was described in terms of rising because he was required to light them until they could burn on their own. A true leader does not just light the flame, but they also cause the flame to rise.

During the summer at camp, we have the warmth of the campfire, underneath the moonlit night. And, the firelighters, the keepers of the flame, kindle the fire.  We have made a journey together.
 Our journeys are in some sense always a beginning. Wherever we stand in our lives can be perceived as the place of infinite potential. The more we expand and grow, the more God is revealed in every place.
We have a challenge, to rise up using our highest self–constantly shining our light in search of our destiny and constantly on guard for anything that could stand in the way of our performing it.  Good luck on the journey!

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