Friday, May 25, 2012

Forget Your Cholesterol, And Have A Blintze

On Hanukkah, we light the Menorah and eat latkes. On Purim, we eat Hamentashen. On Pesach, we retell the story and eat Matzah. But, on Shavuot the ritual is to remember the Giving of the Torah, and every day we have a ritual of Torah.

 But now for the menu: Milk. Basic, pure, the nourishment of life, very simple. It reminds us that the day of the Giving of the Torah is the day to eat with modesty and reflect on what sustains us.

There’s also the practical explanation, that it took some time for the Israelites to learn and observe the Kosher laws, so they continued to eat dairy until they learned how to properly slaughter and prepare their meat.
Whichever reason, the Torah describes the Promised Land as “land flowing with milk

and honey”…all the more reason to eat dairy on the holiday honoring the gift of Torah.  Enjoy

your Cheesecake!

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