Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Watching A Million Hoodies

 The burden of race still weighs down on much of American lifeThe gains have been enormous—but a dramatic change is often obscured because the road ahead remains long, and because so much damage had been done. We must continue to open our eyes to the power in America.  We must continue to take off the blinders we sometimes continue to wear to age discrimination, sexual orientation.  We must continue to tell the stories of those that lived through the Civil Rights movement, and other struggles for equality, including the women’s movement and the struggle for gay rights.  We have quite a challenge.  America should not have white neighborhoods or black neighborhoods. It should have just neighborhoods.  “Integrated towns and suburbs are a necessary first step to integrated hearts and minds”[1] Education is increasingly the key to success in our society and is there that much of the effort to change the unequal status of some groups must focus. People do not change their vision of the world the way that they change their clothes.  But..change they must if we are going to survive.  “Life in the United States is now calmer and safer for black and Jews than it was 4 decades ago; both groups enjoy unprecedented access to power and affluence and acceptance in the broader society.  But we must persistently and knowingly measure the distance we have traveled, and not mistake that for the distance that remains". (2)

[1] Loewen, James. “Sundown Towns”  Simon and Schuster. New York. 2005.
(2) Schneir, Rabbi Marc. “Shared Dreams”. Jewish Lights”. Woodstock.1999. P.195 

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