Thursday, March 15, 2012

I want to give you—world,
The inner lattice of my limbs,
My word, my hands,
The wonder in my eyes.
Take me for service to you,
And use me for your ends!
Place me
In alien railroad depots
Like a greeting-statue
For forlorn guests…
With joy, and throat filled with words
With a bright face
And sunny hands.
Send me to exiled brothers,
prisoners in jails.
Send me with good news
And consolation to mourners.

Abraham Joshua Heschel


  1. Thank you for posting this poem.I have been surfing the Net to find it because I didn't understand Basya Schechter's lyrics and now I do :).It is the only site,where I could find it.

  2. Yes, I know that she set his lyrics to music. I'm glad that you have them now